What are the CPT codes for podiatry?

List of the CPT codes for podiatry

99201-99205: Evaluation and Management – New Patient

The initial assessment and treatment of a new patient in podiatry are handled using these codes. The particular code selected depends on the severity and complexity of the patient’s condition.

99211-99215: Evaluation and Management – Existing Patient 

These codes are applied to the assessment and treatment of a current patient in podiatry. The precise code chosen is determined by the level of complexity and attention needed.

11055-11057: Nail trimming  

When clipping nails to address a range of podiatric disorders such as ingrown nails, thicker nails, or fungal infections, these codes are employed.

11719-11721: Nail debridement  

These codes are used to remove extra or damaged nail tissue, which is frequently done to cure fungus infections or ingrown nails.

20550-20553: Injection(s) 

These codes are utilized for therapeutic injections carried out in podiatry, such as corticosteroid injections for pain relief or other drugs to address certain disorders.

28190-28192: Removal of Lesions  

These codes are used for the surgical elimination of a variety of abnormalities or growths, such as benign growths, cysts, or warts.

28296-28299: Hammertoe’s correction  

These codes are used to perform surgical hammertoe correction, which entails realigning or straightening the afflicted toe(s).

28899: Unlisted Method, Foot or Toes

This code is applied to any podiatry operation for which no unique CPT code has been allocated.

11056: Mycotic nail trimming 

The doctor uses surgical tools like a scalpel or curette to remove 2 to 4 benign hyperkeratotic lesions.

11730-11732: Nail Plate Avulsion 

These codes are used to remove the entire nail plate, a procedure frequently done to treat severe or persistent ingrown toenails.

28270: Hammertoe mending 

To reduce pain from a contracture and restore range of motion, the doctor incises the capsule of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the toes. For the tendon to get stronger, the doctor could suture it.

28285-28289: Bunion’s correction  

These codes are applied to procedures that straighten the metatarsal bone and remove bony prominence to treat bunions surgically.

29804-29807, 29819-29827: Treatment for ankle or foot fractures  

The treatments covered by these codes include closed reduction, casting, and open reduction with internal fixation, among others, for foot and ankle fractures.

64450-64455: Injected nerve blocks  

These codes are used for therapeutic or diagnostic nerve-blocking injections into the foot or ankle that are done to treat pain or test the function of the nerves.

28288: Claw toe correction  

A single-foot metatarsal head is partially removed by the healthcare professional.  The condylectomy, or removal of the bone, may be performed on the metatarsal head or on any related bony growths.

20550-20551: Musculoskeletal System Removal Techniques  

These codes are applied when therapeutic injections are administered into ligaments, plantar fascia, or tendon sheathes to treat pain or inflammation.

28292-28299: Fixing the hallux valgus (bunions) deformity 

These codes are used for surgically correcting bunions (hallux valgus), which may entail processes like joint fusion or osteotomies to realign the bones of the big toe and foot.

28665-28666: Flatfoot correction 

These codes are employed in the surgical repair of flatfoot abnormalities, which may entail methods to restore or maintain the foot’s arch.